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By: Scott | March 07, 2019

My greatest fear in life is being in the same place I am now next year.

If I’m not growing I’m dying inside one minute at a time...

Being stagnant, feeling stuck or just being comfortable is not an option.

A life without making progress is unhealthy mentally.

Everyday I do everything I can to mature my mind, enhance and develop my skills and progress forward.

Time only moves forward not backwards.

The worst feeling in the world is every year on January 1st when you look back in time and realize that you wasted another year of your life and didn’t achieve your goals because you let your fear and doubts stop you.

Wishing, wanting, hoping isn’t going to change anything…..

It just makes you feel worse when you don’t take action on your dreams.

Everyday make it your goal to improve just a little bit, just 1% better.

If you focus on small improvements everyday over the course of a year you will blow yourself away as to what is possible.

Scott O.

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