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By: Scott | February 01, 2019

What is an Audio Business Card?

A short marketing message that creates intrigue and interest, so people will want you to give them more information about “What you do”

Keys to an Audio Business Card

· Create Intrigue

· Target a specific market

· Focus on the BENEFITS

·  Avoid making it about you

·  Avoid statements that make people feel to embarrassed to say “Me!”

Audio Business Card Script

I <action verb> <target market> <benefit> so they can <benefit>. You don’t happen to know anyone like that do you?

<action verb> Expresses physical or mental action. Shows what the subject of a sentence is doing. How will you serve your Target Market?

<target market> A particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed. Whom will you serve?

<benefit> An advantage or profit gained from something. What will your Target Market gain from the experience?

Example: “I make sure people who are looking to retire, do so faster then they think is possible, so they can spend more time with their kids.”

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